The To Be Done List

This site, like my lawn, has some difficult To Be Done items.

Since we don’t have think tank resources, some of the position papers herein could use some further research. (Think of this site as the first draft of a book in the making.) Instead of taking the time to research every article thoroughly, we are placing TBD markers to indicate the need for further research.

These markers will point to this blog post, which will serve as a living document, a continuously updated list of things still to do.

Mavens in the audience are cordially invited to show off their cleverness in the comments. We will acknowledge you in the book if you grant permission. This is your chance for a microdose of fame and glory.

Likewise, if you have already done the research and have posted it on the web, here is your legitimate link building opportunity. Make your pitch in the comments or send us an email.

The List:

  1. Many modern soaps and other cleaners contain estrogen mimics. Are some of those mimics replacements for phosphates? Or do they all server other purposes, such as fragrance? (From Biofuels for a Cleaner Future.)

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