It’s enough to make one say “Pave the Planet” just to get back at those annoying hippies.


Many of those hippies are potential allies. They just need some economics lessons. And conservatives need to care more about future generations.

Like it or not, the future is green. The only question is whether it’s going to be Watermelon Green or Country Club Green. Will the future be designed by communists catching a ride on the waves of environmental concern? Or will it be designed by conservatives who actually conserve? Do we leave environmental protection policy in the hands of:

Or shall we push counter proposals based on love of liberty, sound economics, and Biblical wisdom? With a bit of creativity we can use environmental threats as an excuse to push a smaller government conservative agenda.

Even if we throw the threat of global warming into the mix it is possible to be greener than Gore without calling for a lifestyle downgrade. The most important next steps are surprisingly simple and would result in a net reduction in government paperwork of extraordinary magnitude.

Cut back on the bombing and we can easily turn those annoying hippies into valuable allies. Give them forests to play in and legal weed in return for them taking some economics lessons.

And many conservatives could use some economics lessons as well. Fun fact: many of those eco hippies are capitalists – small business capitalists. Ask yourself: Why are they supporting the borderline socialist party? Answer: many current Republican policies are not friendly to small businesses.

Don’t scoff. The focus group testing has already been done. Many hippies joined the Republican Party temporarily in order to support Ron Paul just for his anti bombing positions. Throw in some green goodness and True Conservatism could become truly hip.

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