Privacy Policy

Privacy? You want privacy!?

Good luck with that! You lost a good chunk of privacy when the income tax was enacted. More was eliminated with the misnamed Patriot Act. And let's not get started about Obamacare...

As for us here at Green and Free, we think privacy is a Good Thing. And maybe the Constitutional restrictions on Cruel and Unusual Punishment shouldn't apply to spammers.

If you email us, then your email address will be in our inboxes, and you might get an email back if appropriate. Ditto if you use your email address to comment on the blog.

But such emails will be hand crafted, 100% organic emails.

For any mass produced emails, you will need to explicitly sign up for our email list. And if you choose to discontinue, there will be standard Unsubscribe link available.

Third Party Cookies

We use Statcounter for traffic statistics. See their website for their privacy policy.

We use such statistics to get an idea of how many people are reading the information on this site and how they are finding us. (Posting articles that no one reads is king of pointless...)

We also use Amazon affiliate links for books and other products that we recommend. When we don't have a picture of the book/product in question handy, we use the dynamic ad serving thingy that Amazon provides. Such widgets can serve cookies which might be used for marketing purposes. See the web site and search for their current privacy policy to figure out what they are doing with such information.

If you don't like what they are doing, we recommend you add ad blocking capabilities to your browser. We aren't the only ones using such links.