Ecotopia and Family Values – the Common Ground

What happens when more families revert to a traditional 1950s lifestyle with Dad going off to work for 40 hours per week, and Mom staying home to take care of house, family, and community?

GDP shrinkage, that’s what. And if you throw in home schooling, you get even more GDP shrinkage–

Holy Circular Flow Stoppage, Krugman!
To the Krugmobile!

That’s right. If you want a more traditional lifestyle, you need to think Sustainable Economics. Eco hippies like Sustainable. Keynesian Economics is all about keeping the Circular Flow dollars moving. Not eco friendly.

Alas, the Santa Claus school of economics that many conservatives adopted during the Reagan years isn’t Sustainable either. To get true sustainability, you need to go Paleo, as in Paleoconservative – back to Austrian School Economics.

We can go even further. What if Dad works closer to home? Answer: we get more family time and less smog. We get less paving of the planet and less fossil fuel use. For that to happen it helps to have school choice. It’s also nice to have low crime areas near the workplace.

Promiscuity vs. Green Technology

Small scale energy generation, reduced herbicides, treating animals humanely, buying local, recycling, building with real wood instead of sawdust bonded with toxic glues...All this sound like a lot of work. The horror!

But it’s satisfying work! And it’s work that doesn’t require an advanced degree.

Getting married during Peak Hormones becomes a viable lifestyle.

This won’t eliminate promiscuity. But it will reduce promiscuity far more than banning porn or strip clubs. Our current economy, which demands ever more education and credentials to get a job which earns a living wage, makes Virgin Until Married an unreasonable demand. A decade of promiscuity before marriage has become the norm.

Cheaper starter homes and higher initial wages also make early marriage a more viable option. See the entries on crime, education reform, and populism for more ideas.

About those “Alternative Lifestyles”

Homosexuality has always been with us, even when it was illegal. But there seems to be an explosion of late. The gurlimanification of America today is downright disturbing.

Was it always this way, but people were hiding it?

Or is it...chemicals?

If so, which?

Government-funded investigation is warranted. Family values conservatives might want to side more with the environmentalists than corporate donors on this issue.

And there is even an opportunity for alliance between Family Values conservatives and libertarians: criminal justice reform. Subjecting men to long prison sentences in overcrowded prisons encourages and even forces men to engage in homosexuality.

Instead of legislating morality, about about putting an end to legislated immorality?