Gold Bugs, Austrian School Economists, and Environments: the Common Ground

Which of these phrases is not like the other one?

That’s right. Keynesian Economics and Sustainable Economics do not mix.

Ditto for the Santa Claus Economics adopted by most Republicans since the Reagan years.

To find an economic paradigm compatible with sustainability, you need to go further right, to the ideas of the Gold Bugs and Austrian School Economists! This is the paradigm that says Saving is a good idea and that Unemployed Resources are a synonym for Wealth – and Slack.

America suffers from a gigantic economy-wide pyramid scheme. Were we to spend more time enjoying the stuff we have instead of making yet more stuff to fill up our closets and landfills, the banking system would collapse, governments would go bankrupt, and much unpleasantness would ensue.

The cause of Conservation is an excellent excuse to enact what many paleoconservatives and libertarians have been calling for for years: balanced budgets, less debt overall, and a banking system that doesn’t kite checks.

Get rid of the makework and Broken Window Economics and we live upgraded lifestyles with less economic growth. Leisure and family time are valuable, after all.